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An e-commerce logistics and express delivery platform.

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Manage shipments, book couriers, and track your parcels. With OneShip, you’ll enjoy access to all our delivery partners.

What can we offer you?

Our services are designed to make shipping and logistics easy for you. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we offer a range of solutions to suit your needs. Let us help you streamline your shipping process so you can focus on what really matters.


  • Singapore local logistics express
  • International logistics express
  • E-commerce store integrated order management

Even top-notch businesses trust Oneship for their logistics needs

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Centralize all your orders with ease.

Simplify Order Management with Our Dashboard: Sync and manage all your orders in one place with ease. Get real-time updates and streamline your workflow.


All your orders in one place

One dashboard for all your orders. Sync and manage orders from different platforms and marketplaces from one panel. An intuitive dashboard provides real-time status updates at a glance.

Efficient bulk management functions

Save time with our bulk management tools! Easily upload and process up to 100 orders and print labels in just a few clicks.

Streamlined tracking process

Effortlessly track your orders from any channel with our streamlined tracking system. Quickly and seamlessly track the entire journey of each order, hassle-free.

Streamlined tracking process

Easy and hassle-free tracking for all orders. Whatever channel you use, quickly and seamlessly track the full journey of each order.

Transform your e-commerce shipping experience with just a few clicks!

3 Easy Steps to Start Using OneShip


Application for use




Start shipping

STEP 1: After registration, authorize your SHOPLINE store with OneShip by installing the extension app in your SHOPLINE admin panel.

STEP 2: Set your display name and default departure address in Store Management

Refocus your energy on business growth with OneShip! Our satisfied users have reported increased productivity and success thanks to our streamlined shipping solutions.

The founder of Butik Hadramiyah, who offers a wide selection of modest wear on their own webstore and in marketplaces. Hassan goes into detail about the origins of his business and using OneShip delivery platform has eased his team’s workload ensuring that they can shorten the order processing journey for his loyal customers.


Meet Crystal, the founder of Doodoo Collection, an online platform selling healthcare and beauty products based out of Melaka. She has been using OneShip to manage her orders for shipments. Bulk processes and in-house delivery partners have really saved her time on delivering goods to her customers.


Choosing OneShip was an easy decision. We process almost 100 orders and OneShip offers some of the cheapest delivery rates in town. It was also easy and simple to process our orders, letting us dedicate more time to manage our day-to-day sales. Also, the team support is super helpful! I wholeheartedly recommend OneShip to be your partner delivery.


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How do I pay delivery fees?

  1. If you are subscribed to a SHOPLINE plan, SHOPLINE Finance will bill you via email.
  2. If you are not subscribed to a SHOPLINE plan, you will have to purchase OneShip credits.
  3. If you intend to use COD (Cash on Delivery) service and you are not subscribed to a SHOPLINE plan, SHOPLINE Finance will bill you via email.

Can I create shipments in bulk with OneShip?

Yes, you can! See here for your complete OneShip user guide.

Are all logistics platforms integrated with OneShip?

We currently have five amazing logistics partners integrated with OneShip! And we will be adding more in the near future to serve your business needs even better.

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